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Christmas Tree: History, Tradition, Origins, Symbolism

Know the full history about Christmas Tree

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Nov 26, 2019

This is an unthinkable celebration of a Christmas that is without evergreen for the living in the room and decorating a room with different ornaments and wrapped all gifts. In most Christmas traditions, including the celebration of Christmas itself, we all know the origin of the Christmas tree that can be shown in the pagan of the tradition. In fact, we say that this is not only for Queen Victoria, the most powerful monarch of her time.


Pagan Origins of the Christmas tree


Long before Christianity, there are appeared in the Northern hemisphere and they can be used as evergreen plants to decorate their homes, offices, towns, cars, everything and celebrate it with full of joy. On December 21 or on December 22, the day becomes the shortest and the night becomes the longest. At this time of the year that returns with the sun god that has been a weekend during winter and the evergreen during winter and the green plants supposed to be the sign of god that the summer was to be expected.


The cosmic time was celebrated by the Egyptians who filled their homes with palm rushes in honor of the god Ra, who had been at the top of the hawk and wore the sun as a crown. In geographic regions, the cells embellished their priest temples with evergreen boughs that mean everlasting life. more within the north, the Vikings thought that evergreens were the plants of the ladder and therefore the god of lights and peace. within the ancient Romans marked the solstice with the fest that was referred to as a Saturnalia thrown for the hour of the Saturn, god’s agriculture, for that they will embellish their home, temples, and alternative places.


It is worth mentioning at this point that Saturnalia was the most important celebration in Roman life. It was a lawless celebration that was held on 17 and 25 December in which no one could be prosecuted for injuring or killing people, raping, this anything could be going against the law. But although a lot of people blew off-stream by taking advantage of the lawlessness, Saturnalia could also be a time of kindness. During Saturnalia and many Romans practiced merrymaking and exchange of presents. 


Sounds familiar? the early days of Saturnalia by the Christian Romans to the power to approach the pagans, even though scholars assert Jesus was born nine months later. There was a clever political ploy that, some say, transformed Saturnalia from a frat party marathon into a meek celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. While there are a lot more ancient cultures that used evergreens around Christmas time, historical records suggest that the Christmas tree tradition can be seen in the 16th century when Germans started to decorate trees inside their homes. 


In some Christian cults, they can consider Adam and Eve as saints and they can celebrate them during Christmas Eve. When going on the backstep and showing the history of the 16 century, the late Middle ages, it was not rare to see a huge play being performed in the open air during Adam and Eve day. We told the story of creation. As one part of the performance, the garden of Eden was symbolized by a “paradise tree” hung with the fruits. The clergy banned these practices from public life. These evergreen paradise trees are often accompanied by a wooden pyramid that is made of branches and that can be held by a rope. In this pyramid, some families would light candles for family members. These would be a precursor of the modern Christmas lights and the ornaments that along with edible things like gingerbread and gold covered apples.


Some of them say the first to light a candle to stop a Christmas tree was Martin Luther. Legends have it, in the late evening around Christmas time, there was a Luther walking home through the woods when he was struck by the one innocent beauty and fir trees. 


In the evening around Christmas time, there was a luthier walking through the woods and when he was struck by the innocent beauty of the starlight shining through the trees. There has been a one 


On this early day of the Christmas tree, there are many statesmen and members of the clergy condemned that they can be used as a celebration of Christ. The English Puritans condemned a number of traditions associated with Christmas, such as the use of holly, and mistletoe.